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Xen Tools Stable Releases

The most recent stable version of Xen Tools is 4.9 and you can download it via the following link:

  • Sources: xen-tools-4.9.tar.gz - 267k
    • MD5: 145bb4ce09de367a10abab86eaf639a5
    • SHA1: 906fb4e1c3ffdbf0080702bc8e791b99c690a0d8
    • SHA256: b8caa5c543d6bd914d9c8fb22ca90499 7d97206c93e8a661ff787b906953a8d2
    • SHA512: 87377117b1e500ec847b1b2080a1cb09 20372e3806a22b31c1821d93d1526382 42f6640004492ecb06f6349866ef3364 ba04aa670c1bdf7fc4958fc1a7aec28c
    • GPG signature
  • Debian package: xen-tools_4.9-1_all.deb - 142k
    • MD5: a976a35db1dc2dc62cb49e9c42945416
    • SHA1: 8d114a29810c7aa66885f0a6c3acdb523b19a670
    • SHA256: 3f2769997afcca6c254c882bcd6dbc62 d024ac54140dae562584b1f11afc962d
    • SHA512: 9310c3313aaac15850afaf812e86adea fd616cafabd342e147f6e440f4a63e88 4867b4c908f36af672680d2ae780b702 773b410e40b466f8cd6a68bcd7565f56

A detailed change log can be found in NEWS.markdown in the source tar ball.

GPG signatures of releases 4.2 to 4.5 may be validated using Axel's 1024-bits public key.

GPG signatures of releases 4.6 and later may be validated using Axel's 4096-bits public key.

Binary packages of xen-tools are also included in the Debian GNU/Linux Project.


The release which you can download above contains a full changelog which is automatically generated from the git repository.