[xen-tools] Re: domU save-state issue with xen-tools & long hostnames

Henning Sprang henning_sprang at gmx.de
Wed Oct 3 14:14:14 CEST 2007

On 10/2/07, C.J. Adams-Collier <cjcollier at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was thinking we could accept a --hostname and --domainname argument.
>  We could name the .cfg file $hostname.cfg if there is not already one
> (most common use case) and store only the $hostname part in the
> $hostname.cfg's 'name' field...
> we would need some place to store the list of domain names on this
> dom0 in this case, though...  Which increases the overhead of
> xen-tools and adds a level of complexity...  It might be relatively
> easy to store the list in /etc/xen-tools/limage-list.txt or some such

For me it sounds like adding quite a bit of complexity without seeing
the value you get there - if any. For example, you will not be able to
retrieve or even use hosts with the same name, but a different domain
name - how about www.sprang.de and www.xen-tools-org? :)

If there are other important reasons to introduce such thing, apart
from this obvious bug in another tool,  then you could do such stuff.
I'd not vote for it before seeing a good reason.
The bug in xendomains script should definitely not be worked around in
such a way on the side of xen-tools.
For example, for me, these changes in xen-tools would solve no problem
at all, because I have hostnames like "service-monitoring" - even
without the domainname, this is too long for the broken xendomains.

For now, I simply copy over a fixed version of the xendomains script
after each xen install.


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