[xen-tools] [PATCH] ubuntu hooks update

Ward Vandewege ward at pong.be
Mon Oct 16 14:22:39 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I discovered xen-tools yesterday, and love it. Just what I've been looking

I've been testing and tweaking for my Ubuntu dapper installs. I've modified
several things in the ubuntu.d hooks directory - it seems some of these hooks
were tweaked for Sarge and not applicable to Dapper.

In summary, here's what I've changed:

1. removed 10-disable-tls. Not applicable on Dapper.
2. added 21-fix-locale. This generates the default locale on Dapper,
otherwise there are lots of ugly warnings.
3. moved 15-disable-hwclock to 22-disable-hwclock (after the fix-locale
step), and fixed it; it now calls update-rc.d to remove the hwclock.sh
startup script, which is the only one that exists on Dapper.
4. removed 55-create-dev. Dapper comes with udev by default. Removing this
hook saves a *lot* of time.

I've attached a tgz file with my modified ubuntu.d directory. I'd like to see
these changes merged; what do you think?


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